Taking the Sea Train

Yay for a super Chuseok of 10 days in 2017, it's one of those once in an expat life's occasions. Boo for over priced flights during this period, meaning you can't do too much out of country exploring if you are like me, and refuse to pay the extortionate prices for airfare. With that being... Continue Reading →


City Life: Myanmar

I flew into Mandalay without much expectation. I really knew so little about this country and where I would be venturing to. I chose to spend only one night in Mandalay, the other destinations in Myanmar appealing to me more. With that one day I wanted to try and see as much as I could,... Continue Reading →

Madly in love with Myanmar

"Wow" was probably my most frequently used expression in Myanmar. What an incredible country. I'm still totally school-girl crushing about my time there. Every time I open my mouth to tell people about it I gush. I only spent 10 days there, and wish I'd done more! This post will be the middle of my... Continue Reading →

Taken with Tokyo

I finally got to visit one of the places on my bucket list- Tokyo. After visiting Osaka and Kyoto I was left wanting just a bit more crazy from Japan, and I knew Tokyo would be exactly the place to find it. I was only going to be there for 2D 2N, so I had... Continue Reading →


Laos is definitely a country I knew little, if anything, about. To tell you the truth, I'm not too sure I know that much more after my brief visit there either. Laos was more a warm up for Myanmar than anything for me. Unlike its neighbours, it had never held that much of an interest... Continue Reading →

Reasons to love Cambodia.

My first blog post about Phnom Penh & Siem Reap doesn’t exactly make my Cambodian experience seem like a positive one, but there was plenty more to the country that I loved. Here are my reasons for some Cambodia lovin’: 1.  Kep: After leaving Phnom Penh, we hopped on a bus to Kep, a sleepy little seaside […]

Phnom Penh & Siem Reap

My summer 2016 vacation was spent exploring Cambodia. I had a short stop over in Ho Chi Minh, before heading back home for 10 days for my friends, Amelia and Pennell's (who I met in Korea), wedding. After a great time back home, catching up with friends and family, and having an awesome celebration and... Continue Reading →

Multicoloured Mayhem: Holi Hai

Holi Hai festival is one of my favourite events in Busan. For the past 3 years I've joined friends and strangers in throwing paint at one another. Most of us spend our weekdays being all professional and sticking to the social norms, so when we're allowed to go a bit crazy and throw paint everywhere... Continue Reading →

A taste of Taiwan

During my first year teaching in Korea I met Caitlin and we spent the year making the most of our terrible hagwon vacation times together. We soon became travel buddies, and I have some of the best memories traveling around with her. We definitely clicked in terms of wanting to do similar things and being... Continue Reading →

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