Here it goes…

I’m clueless when it comes to this kind of thing, so bare with me. This is my first blog post. I’m jumping on the blogging bandwagon and joining the world of worldpress. I have an English degree, yet find it difficult to write. Although, graduating in 2012 means I’m very out of practice.

I’m currently living and teaching in South Korea. It’s my second year of doing so, after going home for a few months in September, I decided to pack my bag and do it all over again. Living away from home is difficult, and not less so second time round. Korea is so totally different to England in so many ways, most of which are difficult to explain.

When I went home I had a bit of a hard time readjusting to life back home. My friend introduced me to a page on Facebook before I came home called ‘I am a Triangle‘ which aims to act as a community for people who have lived in a different culture and moved back home. It describes a person moving from one culture as a circle, to another culture, a square, and being formed into a triangle. I was quite apprehensive after looking at it about going home. People say that people back home aren’t so interested in your life when you’re away and that things won’t ever be the same again. I didn’t find this to be wholly true. My friends did have lots of questions and wanted to hear about my time away, maybe I’m just lucky and have awesome friends and family though.

The problem I found was finding the words to explain things to them. When they’d ask how Korea was I’d give the generic ‘It was amazing’ answer, because it was. But how do I put my year into words? I was never sure how much detail to give, or how interesting it would sound to others. Coming back second time I felt that even more so. I don’t want to bore people with whats going on in my life, just because I’m living in a different country. Hence the blog, this way people can choose what they hear from me. This doesn’t mean that I want less whatsapps or Facetime calls from my friends and family back home, it just means that I can give a bit more detail without feeling like I am wittering on about myself too much.


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