Sweaty in Singapore

One of my good friends I met in Korea moved to Singapore to teach English there. So Kyly and I decided to take advantage of a long weekend from school and visit her. As soon as we touched down you could feel the heat and humidity of the place, a climate I find difficult to handle. Regardless, we were ready to explore and see what one of the most expensive and clean cities in the world had to offer.

Sam and Tang were staying in a realllllll nice place in the city, had a great balcony to chill and roomS…thats right multiple rooms, God I miss having more than one room (I live in a studio apartment). Anyway, enough of me gushing over accommodation that isn’t your bedroom, living room and kitchen all in one room, the place was nice. We started our first morning by going for breakfast. When visiting a new country I like to try the foods of that country, so we had kaya toast. I’ve gotta say as toasts go it was pretty yummy, toasted bread with butter and kaya jam, a kind of sweet, green coconut jam. There was a little too much butter on there but you can’t have it all eh. I also got a “kopi-o” or a coffee with no milk or sugar as I like to call it. We then got the bus to the ferry port and sailed on over to Ubin island.

The best way to explore Ubin island is by bike, so we chose our bikes and went for a little cycle. It wasn’t long until we met the local inhabitants of the island, monkeys. ‘Aw cute’ you might be thinking. No. Not cute. Scary and mischievous, and not in an adorable way. Whilst innocently cycling around, one mounted my bike and tried to steal my bag from the basket. I was fighting for my bag with a criminal monkey. I screamed and this made Sam and Kyly (who were cycling on obliviously) turn round and come save me. Thankfully my bag, and it’s contents, were unharmed and I kept all of my belongings.

After my almost-mugging ordeal we carried on and reached a look out area. The views were incredible, and we took some photos of the area. Cue the ‘candid’ deep in thought poses looking out.

We headed back to the mainland and went to a hawker centre. A hawker is Singapore’s answer to street food. The one we visited by the ferry terminal was a kind of food court hawker centre. We got some juice to cool us down and I tried another new dish, carrot cake. Delicious, soft cake with an addictive cream cheese frosting it was not. Carrot cake does not even have a hint of carrot in it, false advertising right?! It’s actually daikon radish made into a kind of rice cake. There is a black or white version, and I opted for the black kind. It was really good, but I’d rather have English carrot cake any day.

It’s neither carrot nor cake.

All refueled we went back to the apartment to shower and rest, before heading out to meet Tang from work in another kind of hawker centre. We got some craft beer before heading to a club. It was nothing too wild and we left rather early to go get some grub. I loveeeeee roti, so was thrilled when we stopped somewhere to eat some roti.

On our second full day in Singapore we started the day off by watching Sam and Tang get a couple’s haircut, a full shave nonetheless. Afterwards we did some sight seeing, this time joined by Tang, as it was the weekend and he had the day off work. We went to the Marina Bay Sands, which reminded me of Avavtar, with it’s futuristic man made trees. We paid to go to the top of the building…which I’m convinced is a boat plonked on top of two skyscrapers. The heat was pretty intense, so some much needed cold, sweet treats were in order. We shared some ice kachang (Singapore’s answer to Korea’s patbingsu, aka shaved ice) and another kind of grass jelly, ice cream drink. We couldn’t leave Singapore without having tried some of the infamous durian, a very smelly fruit, that is banned on public transport and hotels.

Hair gone wild

Our long weekend in Singapore was great, and not actually too expensive. I guess having a place to stay and people to take you around means you don’t have to spend a fortune whilst you’re there. It was so nice to see Sam again, and be back to being the three musketeers. I’m excited to see where else in the world we might meet up in the future.


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