Bustling Bangkok

I'm not going to lie, Bangkok is not one of my favourite places in Asia. It's quite grubby and super busy. It was a place that I've always wanted to go nonetheless. I've been three times now, the first was my first stop in a quick trip around Thailand, and after being quite unimpressed with... Continue Reading →


24 hours in Hanoi

As previously mentioned in my Ho Chi Minh post, I have made the most of my stop overs in Vietnam. My second long stop over was in Hanoi, I visited here before heading to Laos and Myanmar in my 2017 winter vacation. I've heard great things about Vietnam as a whole, in particular central Vietnam and the... Continue Reading →

Sweaty in Singapore

One of my good friends I met in Korea moved to Singapore to teach English there. So Kyly and I decided to take advantage of a long weekend from school and visit her. As soon as we touched down you could feel the heat and humidity of the place, a climate I find difficult to... Continue Reading →

Ho Chi Minh

For some reason Korea isn't the cheapest of places to fly to and from. Usually I have to buy a ticket with some kinda layover somewhere, which can be a bit of a pain, but sometimes it works out to be a bit of a gem! One (well two) of those times has been when... Continue Reading →

Here it goes…

I'm clueless when it comes to this kind of thing, so bare with me. This is my first blog post. I'm jumping on the blogging bandwagon and joining the world of worldpress. I have an English degree, yet find it difficult to write. Although, graduating in 2012 means I'm very out of practice. I'm currently... Continue Reading →

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